The US Navy Today

The U.S. Navy's Birthday is 13 October 1775.  The U.S. Navy traces its roots to the Continental Navy established during the American Revolution.  The Naval Act, passed on 27 March 1794 established a permanent standing Navy.
Role;  Naval warfare, power projection, nuclear deterrence and sealift
Size;  ~340,000 active duty
          ~280,000 civilian personnel
          ~100,000 ready reserve
          ~290 deployable ships & 480 total ships
          ~2,600 manned aircraft (navy)
          ~1,300 manned aircraft (marines)
Motto:  Official motto - "Semper Fortis" (Always Courageous)
              Unofficial motto - "Non sibi sed patriae" (Not for self but for country)
Colors - Blue and Gold
March: "Anchors Aweigh